About Us

Led by Martin herself, martinb+company is on top of the conversation — a dynamic, ever-evolving company of creative PR brains that connect with proven entrepreneurs and growing businesses in big ways.

Build your media relationships.  Learn how small businesses and entrepreneurs can develop measurable social responsibility strategies. Get the unleashed ideas you need to grow your public image and build success.

  • martin_borderFounder

    Prior to launching martinb+company seven years ago, Martin served in senior communication roles at both large corporations and not-for-profit organizations.

    She has a consistent record of building relationships to enhance the public image of organizations. Her industry experience, paired with tenure in academia, results in proven and powerful applications of strategic public relations.

    Martin has a strong affinity toward entrepreneurs. She understands the power of their vision, the sincerity of their passion and their superhuman work ethics. It is what draws her to them, and them to her.


    Martinb+company has established valuable professional relationships with public relations specialists, marketing agencies, market research firms and social media agencies.

    At the forefront of every partnership is a joint appreciation for ability and a united goal to further client growth.

    From creative collaboration on a new brand to the redesign of a website or a revamp of social media strategy, martinb+company continually seeks synergistic partners to elevate the outcome of client projects.