Building a Business or Team

As an entrepreneur, did you set out to build a business or a team?

Quite frankly, seven years ago I started out as a public relations consultant because I wanted a new challenge. I was going to pair my time in academia with consulting, giving me the ability to provide real-life examples in the classroom. I firmly believe in the power of public relations and the value of communicating with transparency and consistency. I brought these beliefs to the classroom and the boardroom.

Fast-forward to 2014 and the launch of my first official website … I am now a business owner with a team of consultants. I did not set out to build a business or a team, but to do what I love – utilizing public relations strategies to grow businesses. Throughout the last two years though, as the business evolved so did the team. The rebranding of MartinB to martinb+company is a direct result of building this team. A team of amazing professionals poised to exceed client expectations, working together to deliver the best possible service for the client. You must meet them:

Courtney Benevides
Public Relations Consultant

With an extensive background in publications and communications, Courtney optimizes brand outreach and facilitates engagement through copywriting, blogging, web design, social media and email marketing. Courtney specializes in building a thorough understanding of client history and purpose to cultivate a voice representative of the values, goals and aspirations of each client while staying true to the foundations on which each organization was built.

Rachael Chappa
Media Relations Consultant

Rachael utilizes more than 10 years of experience in the media industry, most recently with American Express Publishing’s Food & Wine Magazine, to recognize opportunities for strengthening brand identity and increasing consumer/trade awareness to drive business goals. Rachael excels in cultivating sincere, mutually beneficial relationships with members of the local, regional and national press, securing print and online coverage to better position clients as industry thought leaders.

Kate Johnson
Public Relations Consultant

Kate drives day-to-day client interaction, drawing on project management experience to guarantee deliverables are completed on time, within budget and to exceed client expectations. Kate also serves as primary copywriter, utilizing her background in journalism and becoming intimately familiar with brand culture, leadership, products, services and expertise to craft a unique voice for strategic internal and external communications, such as websites, press releases, newsletters and social media.

What did I learn in building this team?

  1. Choose wisely: Personality is just as important as skill set.
  2. Set expectations: Be sure to set clear expectations from the beginning.
  3. Connect frequently: Consistent communication via a weekly status call, email and Skype are not a luxury but a necessity.
  4. Inject humor: Although I take deadlines seriously, working toward the deadline should be fun.

I’m grateful for each of these consultants, their breadth of talent and willingness to work with me. I look forward to what our team is going to accomplish together over the next year. We are always ready to get in and get going!

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