FrontSteet Facility Solutions

Martinb+company proudly delivers good work on behalf of like-minded, socially responsible clients.

  • Challenge

    A national facilities maintenance and management company approached martinb+company to spearhead rebuilding efforts for a small business torn apart by Hurricane Sandy – the project was driven by a sincere desire to give back.

    The organization wanted to use its expertise to rebuild a business devastated by the natural disaster. Martinb+company was tasked with developing the community social responsibility program, vetting the recipient organization, coordinating any media outreach and inquires, and hosting the grand re-opening.

    The goal was to simply make a difference for a small business owner, yet the end result was assisting the client in rebuilding a sense of community.

  • Initiative

    Through due diligence, martinb+company vetted several Rockaway Beach-area businesses worthy of repair efforts, and Surfside Bagels immediately felt the perfect fit. Owned by New York City fire fighters Scott Edwards and Tim Keenan, Surfside Bagels was damaged by excessive seawater flooding. In addition to Edwards and Keenan, Surfside Bagels employed seven other individuals, all who would benefit from the business being lifted back to its feet. The restaurant had been awaiting FEMA assistance and insurance money to cover the cost of repairs, which delayed the store reopening and returning the staff to work.

    The Surfside Bagels storefront had been ruined and all equipment was in need of repairs. After an onsite visit, the martinb+company client evaluated, outlined and committed to a detailed scope of work, including structure tear out and complete facility rebuilds. Martinb+company also utilized social media to secure the donation of necessary commercial kitchen elements from Meals on Wheels in Greenwich, Connecticut including wire racks, rubber mats, cabinets, baking pans and stainless steel utensils and pots. Meals on Wheels also generously donated several stainless steel prep tables and appliances, such as a stainless steel sink, mini-rack oven, refrigerator, freezer and a steam table with oven warmer.

    While the martinb+company client focused on the rebuilding of the Surfside Bagels store, martinb+company executed strategic media outreach to elevate the Surfside Bagels story. Additionally, martinb+company worked diligently to increase the Surfside Bagels social media following to spread the word to the community that Surfside would soon be open for business. Media outlets New York 1, WNBC, Daily News, Daily Meal, and Eatocracy covered the Surfside story, recognizing the collaborative efforts between Surfside Bagel owners and the martinb+company client as having rebuilt a sense of community on this Rockaway Beach street.

  • Results

    Less than two months after its initial meeting with the martinb+company client, Surfside Bagel reopened in the good company of the community, the client’s employees and the media. The project and Feb. 11th, 2013, reopening were featured across television, print and online media, garnering more than 8 million impressions in the local tri-state area.

    Through additional media outreach efforts, martinb+company also piqued the interest of MSNBC and, as a result, Surfside Bagels received a “business makeover” featured on MSNBC’s “Your Business” with JJ Ramberg. The makeover paired Surfside Bagels with experts in marketing and entrepreneurship to further assist with business development after reopening. The rewards did not end with opening, though. Martinb+company is proud of the continued relationship it shares with Surfside Bagels, the ongoing contact it has with media professionals who covered the event and the impact it was able to have on a community in need, all because it was empowered to bring to fruition the genuine intentions of a client. The effort was defining proof that small businesses can produce big results when working together and fueled by the right initiatives.