Dove Does It Again: Love Your Curls Campaign

Dove Love Your Curls CampaignThrough the talented team at Ogilvy & Mather in Paris, Dove nails it again with its real beauty campaign. Always promoting self-esteem and encouraging women and girls to love the skin they’re in, Dove has a new focus: curly haired cuties. This campaign instantly struck a chord with me because growing up I had plenty of curly hair to spare, and now my four-year-old daughter has a head of tight blond curls.

She’s always complimented on her hair so I assumed that she liked it, but I learned otherwise recently. In school, she was asked to draw a picture of a princess or herself as a princess. She told me that she couldn’t draw herself as a princess because princesses don’t have curly hair. She equates a princess with long, straight beautiful hair. Taking that as a teachable moment, I kneeled down and looked her directly in the eyes to let her know that anyone could be a princess and it didn’t matter whether they had long, straight hair or a head full of beautiful curls. She proceeded to draw herself as a princess.

The Dove Hair: Love Your Curls campaign, although a PR push for the brand, is a heartfelt reminder of what Dove has proclaimed for years – by loving your looks, you can inspire young girls to do the same. It’s always a win-win when a brand aspires to inspire.

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