Out of Time?

By Kate Johnson

As a business owner, sometimes day-to-day responsibilities can feel like the arch nemesis of progress. Budgets, customer interaction, product development and logistics can ironically all stand in the way of you being able to spread the word about your amazing organization.

You meant to post to Facebook, but instead you paid bills. You had every intention of reaching out to that reporter, but a frustrated customer deserved your attention.

With so little time and so much to do, what’s the best answer for finding a few moments to toot your own horn? Here are two quick tips:

  •  Get to know your employees. As silly as that may sound (you already know you have a great team, right?), making sure you consistently engage your employees will lead you to discover hidden talents and interests that can help you take customer interest to the next level. Maybe Sarah has at least 10 minutes to spare in her day and a genuine desire to help with social media. Perhaps Dave knows that reporter personally and would be happy to place a follow up call for more info. Invest the time in getting confident with the resources you have and empower them to move you forward.
  • Be real about the investments you can afford to make. It starts with putting a value on your own work. As entrepreneurs that’s a hard move to make, but it’s worth our time to identify the worth of our time. Do you spend 5 hours a week on payroll and hate it? Do you know how much it’s costing you? Odds are that if you put 5 hours of focus on sales instead,  you could make enough to cover the cost of that accountant you’ve been wanting to hire. And because he’s excellent at his job, you may only pay for 2 hours of his time.

Being a business owner has its unique challenges. On the other hand, it’s also freeing, gratifying and challenging in all of the right ways. What opportunities have you seen to streamline your world for the betterment of the company? What did you give so the company could get?

Leave us a comment below, and when you’re done Get in. Get going.

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