Pick up the Pen

PickUpthePenWhen was the last time you wrote a thank you note for business or personal correspondence? According to the US Postal Service Survey, referenced here in John Sullivan’s Harvard Business Review post, it was probably about seven weeks ago. The average home receives just one hand-written note almost every other month, down from one every two weeks in 1987.

In our fast-paced technology driven world why should you take the time to write a note, search for a stamp and run to the mailbox? Because hand-written notes show a sincere expression of gratitude; whether for a birthday gift or business deal. I enjoy writing notes to friends, family and clients to show appreciation, and, I must admit, I enjoy receiving thank you notes as well.

Hand-writing notes to business contacts allows you stand out from the 100+ daily emails received. I challenge you to write a just one note a week to your clients or colleagues.

Here are a few tips on how to get started:

+ For the month, identify four individuals who you would like to connect with via snail mail

+ Invest in high quality stationary and a blue-ink pen

+ Spend five minutes each week writing a note

+ Write with a sincere appreciation

Now what are you waiting for? Pick up the pen and get going!

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