Training For Your Three Minutes of Fame

JSaWNBCA well placed broadcast segment has the potential to give your brand a major boost, but before stepping foot into that green room, media training is a must. The standard morning show segment is just a few minutes – more than enough time to get the audience to connect with your brand, integrate messaging, and a bit of strategic banter with the host. However, if viewers are distracted by watching you shuffle through notes or become bored by your monotone voice, those three minutes would have been better spent pitching print publications. Not to mention, a forgettable interview may make producers think twice about booking with you in the future.

A good media trainer can give you the tools needed to incorporate your message without sounding forced, appear knowledgeable and self-assured, and make the audience want to learn more about your brand.

And remember, practice really does make perfect. Many clients admit after an interview that they would do anything to go back and do it again, this time with more confidence. Conducting mock interviews prior to the big day is a great way to gain this confidence. Record and watch your practice interviews to determine if any improvements can be made.


As for the most asked question before a big interview? Here are a few tips on what to wear:

• Solid colors
• Avoid stripes, hounds tooth and other patterns, black or white
• Comfortable, but fitted clothing
• No flashy or dangly jewelry
• Contacts (rather than glasses)
• Pressed powder to avoid excess shine

Keep your audience interested by avoiding these common mistakes:
• Apologizing
• Hands in pockets and tapping
• Sarcastic humor
• Inside jokes
• Being monotone
• The blank stare
• The “ahs and ums”
• Reading from notes
• Slouching
• Playing with your hair

Put in the prep time before your moment in the spotlight so you can Get in. Get Going.

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